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Herzman. Orlandogasse
Vienna , 
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Summer Address :
Box 1503 - Hyw 631 North
Hornepayne  , ON
P0M 1Z0
Phone :  (705) 372-5377
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Toll Free :  888-353-6200

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Timberdoodle Lodge
A popular destination for hunters, anglers and tourists alike. Our rugged beauty, abundance of lakes and quiet solitude in any season attracts many. Join us for a guided canoeing trip on one of our great rivers or spend your hunting/fishing vacations with us.


Full Service, Drive-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Walleye, Splake, White Sucker

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Grouse, Wolf, Woodcock


Other Information
Dates Open : June - October

Lake or Area Name : Big Skunk Lake, Ontario

Winter Phone Numbers:
Phone - (011 43) 1-25933221
Fax - (011 43) 1-25933225

Summer Phone Number:
(011 874) 763 256 053

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The Timberdoodle Lodge is located on the Big Skunk Lake. We are the only Camp on the lake. Enjoy great fishing there or on one of the other lakes close to us. Boats and motors are included in our packages. We also offer guided canoeing trips for the ourdoor enthusiasts in a great environment.

Timberdoodle Lodge is located Northeast of Ontario, appr. 70 km north of Hornepayne and 100 km west of Hearst, directly on the shores of Big Skunk Lake. The ideal location of the lodge in Northern Ontario offers many opportunities for the avid outdoors fan.

Despite of the remote location we offer our guests every comfort necessary to make your stay in the wilderness an unforgetable experience. The accommodation consists of clean double bed rooms with own bathroom. Flowing hot and cold water are available in every bathroom. Electric power is supplied by diesel-aggregates and is available in the mornings and evenings.

We have a wonderful dining-room in which you can enjoy our outstanding cooking. On top of that we offer a hobby-room with billardtable, shuffle board, various card and board games, etc.

Swim in the pristine Big Skunk Lake, on which our Lodge is located or relax in our rustic sauna. Explore the lake by motorboat or canoe and discover the many bays.

There are also numerous footpathes near the lake and there are great opportunities to make vast trekking tours.

On the south edge of the lake there is a marvellous sandy beach, for spending a hot summer day.

Very popular is our Barbecue, on which, in the evenings, fresh fish from Big Skunk Lake or steaks are prepared.

Black Bear: The Timberdoodle Lodge operates two BMA (bear management areas) in which our guests may exclusively hunt for black bears. In total we offer a hunting area of appr. 1240 km2. We have a rich population of Black Bears in our region. Also we limit the annual number of hunters and release only one bear per 50 km2 BMA for hunting. So we make sure that all of our hunters have great hunting successes. You can hunt on bait sites. We prepare 2-3 bait sites for every hunter. Every guest can hunt on active bait sites only. We offer outstanding conditions for both: rifle hunters and bow hunters.

Bird Hunt: Bird hunting in fall is simpy superb in our region. Hunt for Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse and Sharptailed Grouse. There are only a few areas where there is such a rich population of all 3 species like here around Timberdoodle Lodge. You may even surprise an occasional Woodcock or Rabbit. The bird hunting season starts on September 15th. You need to purchase a Small Game License for the bird hunt. With the same license you may also hunt for wolf. Many of our guests take the opportunitiy to connect a bird hunt with a wolfhunt (or Black Bear hunt).

Timberwolf: Northern Ontario is the home of the North American Timberwolf. To hunt for wolf is one of the greatest challenges for a hunter. We offer our guests the hunt for wolf using a predator call. Hunting for wolf starts Sept. 1st to the end of October. One guide looks after just a few hunters. During the summer we take care of the wolf traps. Therefore, at the beginning of the hunting season we very well know if there are wolves around. Our guide accompanies the hunters into the bush where wolf tracks have been detected and calls the wolf with the predator call. This type of hunt is for those hunters who like "roughing-it" in the bush and are prepared to accept the challenges of this difficult hunt. Wariness, ability to move in the bush quietly and an excellent shot are essential for this hunt.

There is probably no other country in the world where a Fisherman has more fishing opportunities then in Canada. Our lodge is located directly on Big Skunk Lake, an appr. 6,5 km2 lake with crystal clear water. There is an abundance of Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Perch in this lake. Crossing a beaverdam from Big Skunk Lake to two other lakes the fisherman will find a lot of big Northern Pike. Near the lodge there are a lot of other lakes and rivers which are accessable via a short, scenic drive. Here our fishermen can catch Splake, Walleye, Rainbow Trout and of course also Lake Trout, Brooke Trout and Northern Pike.

In our region, there are three main river systems, where fishing opportunities are great. One of these rivers, is the Shekak River with a population of Sturgeons. We have enough motorboats and canoes which can be used by our anglers for attractive and eventful programs. Caught fish can be smoked in the camp or the anglers may use our freezing facilities. In a cooling box, packed together with ice cubes, the fish can easily be transported back to your home-country.

The best time for fishing is early summer (May, June). During high summer the Lake Trout and Brook Trout are in deep water and a deep rigger is required to catch them. But Perch, Pike and Walleye can also be caught during the hot summertime.

Visit: Big Skunk Lake, Ontario

Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Timberdoodle Lodge, Walleye, Fishing Lodge, Hornepayne, Big Skunk Lake, Ontario , Big Skunk Lake, Ontario , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides and Black Bear, Grouse, Wolf, Woodcock , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides , The Timberdoodle Hunting Lodge operates two BMA (bear management areas) in which our guests may exclusively hunt for black bears. The Timberdoodle Lodge is located on the Big Skunk Lake.



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